Robert Brand

Real Estate Disclosure Strategies

It is said that attending a two hour Real Estate presentation by Robert Brand can keep you out of court for a lifetime.

Brand is the foremost trainer of real estate agents in the most litigious state in the country. In California’s ‘sue-crazy’ climate, he addresses the issues of Agent Best Practices and simplifies the ‘red flag’ disclosure process, making it easier than ever to stay out of court.

Mr. Brand is a high-content speaker with a unique ability to take what works in court and apply it to the real-world experiences of real estate professionals. His highly acclaimed California seminars on disclosure strategies are now available throughout the nation.

Brand was a licensed general contractor, having personally inspected thousands of residential properties. He now works as a litigation consultant, a contributing author to REALTORĀ® Magazine, and speaks publicly on effective disclosure techniques.

Tens of thousands of real estate agents have enjoyed his informative and entertaining presentation style.

FEE RANGE: 5-10k


  • Real Estate Risk Management Training
  • Real Estate Disclosure Strategies
  • Best Practices for Real Estate Agents


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