Kashminder Chahil

Technology Systems Architect

kashminder-chahilKashminder Chahil brings more than 15 years of experience encompassing building vision, establishing strategic partnerships and alliances, technical business development and supervising organizational operations. He has made key contributions that include developing and ensuring continuous corporate growth through capitalizing on new and emerging technical markets, technical market positioning and various business acquisitions. Mr. Chahil has vast and well established technical knowledge in a variety of different technologies ranging from software development, robotics, telecommunications, networking and strategic planning and his favorite subject, and an issue that has a significant place in today’s advanced technological environment – security issues in technology.

Mr. Chahil serves as the Vice President of Technology and Security for IMRIC Inc. He coordinated IMRIC’s long-term research efforts and helps ensure consistency from IMRIC’s emerging computing, networking and communications products and technologies for continued excellence and business growth.

Prior to founding IMRIC Inc, Mr. Chahil held senior executive positions at Brience Inc. (a wireless enterprise integration software company focused on improving the accessibility and utilization of business information by today’s leading e-Businesses) and co-founded Inaayat Technologies (an outstanding consulting service for businesses in need of IT and corporate consulting support, security software development, hardware and software testing). Mr. Chahil’s expertise was also invaluable in his work with other companies such as Komatsu where he headed a team for the development of Mechatronics controlled unmanned hauling system for mining, which offered relief from tedious manual working conditions as well as Amcor International where he established a robotic factory floor using Kanban and JIT techniques.

Mr. Chahil has also worked closely with various Australian Universities’ “Think Tank” group to produce advanced technologies. Apart from his vast management experience, Mr. Chahil also contributes significant knowledge through teaching and instructing on Computer Crime Investigation, Wireless Security, Computer Theft Prevention and Computer Espionage at various Colleges and Universities in the Southern California region.

Mr. Chahil holds a Bachelors Degree in Science (double major in Pharmacology and Molecular Biology – Biophysics) from the University of Western Australia, a Bachelors Degree in Mechatronics Engineering from Curtin University of Technology in Western Australia and a double Masters in Engineering (ME) and Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Melbourne, Australia.

FEE RANGE: 10-15k

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