Carole Jakucs BSN RN PHN

Patient Privacy Expert

California Registered Nurse, Carole Jakucs, MSN, RN, PHN, is a writer and speaker on the subject of instituting best practices in healthcare services and policy. Her emphasis is on patient privacy and preventing medical office record breaches. She has authored numerous articles on healthcare for a variety of professional publications including AAA’s Westways,, Healthline Media/, Working Nurse Magazine, Torrance Memorial Medical Center’s Pulse and Patrons Magazines, and Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance Company’s Cinch. Her articles cover several topics and include general health and wellness, travel health, safety, healthcare services and policy, nurse recruitment and retention, and risk management.

Carole holds a Master of Science in Nursing and is a Licensed RN and Certified Public Health Nurse in California. She is an experienced manager, supervisor and care provider.

Carole practiced pediatric emergency nursing at Harbor UCLA Medical Center in Torrance, a Level I Trauma Center and medical-surgical-telemetry-direct observation nursing facility at Robert F. Kennedy Medical Center.

She went on to serve as the Clinical Nurse Supervisor at Loyola Marymount University Student Health Services in Los Angeles for several years, overseeing daily operations, staff training, hiring, IT, and nurse-run clinics. While there, she performed as the campus-wide emergency first responder and was actively involved in accreditation preparation and risk management.

She currently volunteers as an RN with the Los Angeles County Disaster Healthcare Volunteers, and as a guest lecturer at California State University Fullerton’s College of Communications.

FEE RANGE: 5-10k

Speech Topics:

  • How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle and Your Career: Healthy Habits for the Working Crowd
  • Travel Health Tips for Busy Professionals: Methods to Help Prevent Illness and Injuries and the Necessary Skills for Self Care if They Occur
  • The Provider: How to Minimize the Risks of Breaches in Patient Confidentiality
  • Managing the Health and Safety of Your Ailing or Aging Loved One

Travels from Los Angeles, CA


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